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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 15, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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merion. well, as you can see, none of them have gone on to win. in fact, the four previous open champions at merion didn't lead after any of the first three rounds. mickelson had the lead in the first round with a 67. but this would be as popular a win as you could ever hope for. in the world of golf in recent memory. >> he deserves it, after fe second places, and three of those, had a good lead, just a few holes to go. so will it happen again? a lot of people hoping he won't fall apart. but that was an amazing shot he just hit and ended up in a very poor spot. it was very unlucky for phil. up against a bank and some real heavy, straw-like grass. even though it's cut short, it's been really, really strong grass. and then luke donald hit it in
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the spot that is even -- maybe even worse. so there's a very good chance that phil will be 1 under, leading. and donald will make bogey. and so there will just be one guy under par. merion is amazing, what it's done to these guys with the long rough. >> interesting if he smiles when he sees the lie. >> that is one tough lie he's got. >> great leaderboard, though. guys that really need a major, you know? >> yeah. really -- i mean, there's a need for this title. mickelson, obviously, as we just stated. donald in the major hunt. stricker in the major hunt. mahan, same deal. >> guys that just really need a major. and then, of course, phil needs that u.s. open to cap off his
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career, you know. so it's going to be very exciting tomorrow, folks, and this golf course with the finish -- >> nothing is safe coming in with five holes to go. >> i can't see. i just want to make sure it's mine. identify it. >> yep. >> president of the usga there, he wants to just make sure it's his ball. it's so deep down there. >> that tells you something about how bad this lie is. terrible. >> we have seen some balls here, roger, and guys trying to hit it, and it's like hitting out of a wet sponge. >> this one is really in there deep in the grass behind the ball. going straight right. >> this is a mixture of four or five different grasses, it's very thick. got to hit it harder than you think. >> just grabbed it and shut it
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over. >> that lie was brutal. now he's got one dead into the green again. dead into the green. why don't you grab this. look how open the face is now. and then look at where the face is at this point. shut -- just went sideways. >> now he would love to have a bogey. >> you can see from his face how shocked he is at that shot. he is counting this as a change. >> kept it so well under control through 16 holes, a bogey at 17. but 18 here, he gets smacked around one more time. >> and he just hit it right where guys walk off the green, and it's right into the green for a chunky lie. >> this is the kind of shot you want to get a little drive on, johnnie, going back uphill. you want to hit it low with a little momentum. you want to have some speed on
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the ball. and this is not going to help. >> well, he hit the shot at 17 the same way he did at 18, short and right with the face open. didn't release his right side. >> extremely predictable with that end of the green. happens almost every time. >> this is going to be a tough 18th hole for him. we're going to double bogey. looking at the score at 18 from the last few groups. and it is unbelievable. the triple by colsaerts and then just bogeys literally by everyone. >> and look at phil, the grind that ease he's putting on the shot. how am i going to hit it out of
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this. horschel is away, two good shots to get here. button up the hill. roger? >> as you say, up the hill, should move toward the back of the green, i would think. slow putt. >> good spot to putt from. >> very nice. >> a birdie, actually. >> the glare of the final group. a u.s. open on this saturday with luke donald and phil mickelson. >> look at that. >> just slipped off his hand. >> going to get in at plus 1. now the third for mickelson. >> this lie is better than i thought, roger? >> yeah, this isn't good. he's going to have to get the club up abruptly and try to get down the back of it, and again, try to get some momentum coming up this hill. no. not going to get there. >> it just was like straw.
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the strongest-looking grass that was cut down. and -- see the color of that grass, folks? it just -- there's just -- that club just stopped. i mean, it just said, you can't do that, phil. so it's an amazing golf course. that's all you can say. you have these real easy little holes, 10, 11, 12, 13, looks like you're playing a local muni, and then all of a sudden 14 shows up. >> yep, this little classic gem has put a hurting on the field of 1,775 overpar for the championship. >> we'll see if the putter can sort of save a stroke for both phil and luke. slow putt, roger. not much there, is there? >> not much. anything, i think, it has to go
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a little up and not much. boy, it didn't. >> no. i think he's a little flustered right now. the shots he hit at 17 and 18 and especially the 3rd here and the 4th. his face is very red, in case you didn't notice. just flushed. >> still not in for double. >> well i have yet to meet a golf pro who likes losing par the last two holes. >> it's tough when you have all eyes on you and it's the u.s. open and going for your first major. >> you work your tail off. but just ahead of them, mahan, a bogey-bogey finish. schwartzel, a bogey-bogey finish. rose, bogey-bogey finish. donald, bogey-double. at best. >> here's a good chance for a good 2-4 finish, which is -- ran
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over some people if he were to make this for par. >> not that hard to putt, really. >> wow. right in the middle of the hole, little red. but it's going to turn out -- mickelson is going to be the leader and he's going to be the only player under par. ask he's going to be playing with hunter mahan in the last group. as hunter was the first to post even, and this for double now. for luke donald. who drops three in the last two holes after being the leader by himself to 2 under. now horschel tapping in. to remain at plus 1.
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he's just two back. in that tie with rose. and also luke donald. >> what a finish at merion. 14 through 18. just incredible with the pressure of the u.s. open and the difficulty of those long holes. >> so a look at the leaderboard in the 113th u.s. open. mickelson, the only player under par. bogey at the 18th. stricker, mahan and schwartzel one back. everybody was just beaten up, except for stricker at the final hole. and rose, horschel and donald at plus 1. down to steve. >> thank you. phil, how would you best describe the way it was out there for you today? >> it was a day, steve, i thought you could get -- you could get under and the fact that i was 2 over early, i had to be really patient not to force the issue and fight for a lot of pars out there. and take advantage of a few birdie opportunities. i thought i played better again than the score dictated.
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but this is a really fun challenge. it is a hard challenge. but it is a lot of fun. every shot is -- it requires such great focus, because the penalty can come up and bite you so quickly here. it's just a very penalizing golf course. but there are birdie holes out here. >> you have the lead, you're the only man under par, 18 holes to go to win a u.s. open. what do you think it's going to be like for you tomorrow with hunter mahan in the final group? >> a lot of fun. let's -- you know, let's go. i can't wait to get back out playing. i feel really good ball striking. i feel good on the greens. and i think that it's going to take an under par round tomorrow. >> good luck. >> thanks. >> dan, back to you. >> thank you, steve. the fans getting what they wanted. and that is phil mickelson with another chance at a u.s. open. he'll have a one-shot lead as he heads to the final 18 tomorrow. bob? >> well, dan, as you know, only three of the last eight u.s. opens have been won with scores under par, and in this one, only one golfer, phil mickelson, starts the final round with a
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red number. so with this day and evening golf concluding, with it the fortunes of america's two most prominent golfers. phil mickelson, so close, so often. is this the year he finally breaks through and wins the national championship? after 54 holes, he has the lead. one thing we know for sure, a huge portion of the gallery will be behind him tomorrow, which happens to be his 43rd birthday. meanwhile, tiger woods has three u.s. opens, but his chances for a fourth, and that still elusive 15th major overall are virtually nonexistent. he carded seven bogeys in this third round and after briefly getting within three shots of the lead, will now enter sunday ten shots back. and left to look to the british open for his next chance to move closer to jack nicklaus. as for us, our coverage of the 113th u.s. open resumes from merion golf club tomorrow at noon eastern here on nbc. coming up next, in some parts of the country, and you know where you are, we'll send you to local
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programming. for others, tonight's prime time lineup starts with "chicago fire" followed by "law & order svu". it's already been a memorable it's already been a memorable week in philadelphia. -- captions by vitac --
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i'm terry mcsweeney.
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joe biden is finishing off his visit to the bay area after finishing off his niece's event at stanford. earlier today, he surprised a few dozen people having breakfast at a diner in the south bay. monte francis was in sunnyvale. >> the vice president spent about an hour here at hoby's restaurant talking to people and enjoying some breakfast. the restaurant was packed and the people eating here had no advanced warning the vice president was stopping by. vice president biden walked into hoby's restaurant, greeted by applause, and then he worked the room like only joe biden can. >> hey, work on your stuff. >> i am. i will. >> good to see you. how are you doing? >> good. >> good to see you, jason. good shape. i remember that shape. >> absolutely. keep up the good work. >> shu vaughn lee even got a kiss from the veep and her
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daughter was swept up in his arms. >> i said high. she said my uncle calls you joey b. >> we said great job, keep up the great work. amazing to meet him in person and nice that, you know, they take time to come to little smaller places. >> heard everyone cheering. i was looking around like, what's going on. he walked in and i was asking my mom who that was. he looked familiar, but you never see anyone in person. >> grandson. >> 15 years old. >> i know. >> got to love them. >> biden then went behind the counter and talked to the kitchen staff before enjoying blue berry coffee cake with mike honda, but getting to his table wasn't easy. >> how are you? >> i love you. >> thank you. what's your name? >> carey. i have been voting since i was 20 years old. >> two times? i got it. i got it. >> thank you so much for looking out for us little people. >> high point of my life. the only thing that could top it
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because meeting obama. so meeting the number two man is terrific. just terrific. >> the only serious moment came as biden left, when asked about a comment he made six years ago when as a senator, he railed against an nsa program to monitor domestic phone calls. >> and thank you. >> he clearly had other things on his mind. >> going to enjoy more of it, my niece casey owens is graduating from stanford, getting her master's degree today, and i'm heading over there right now. so it's going to be a good day. >> the vice president is a prolific fund-raiser for the democratic party, having attended four fund-raisers in just one week, including the one in s francisco last night. now, next, the vice president heads back to washington where he's expected to make a push for stronger gun control at a white house event on tuesday. in sunnyvale, monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> former secretary of state leon panetta was honored in
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santa clara where he gave a commencement speech at his alma mater. they received an honorary doctorate of public service. panetta, who earned his batch r rrler's degree and law degree from the university encouraged people to become engaged in government and hold elected officials accountable. >> you're not just our hope for a better future. you are our future. and the key to whether we remain a government of, by, and for all people. congratulations. >> puneta also met his wife on campus, and this summer, they'll celebrate 51 years of marriage. he joked mixers was his generation's version of computer dating. >> the state budget is on the way to governor jerry brown's desk. he's expected to approve it. lawmakers passed it yesterday, a day before the deadline. the $96 billion will redistribute educating funding
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and expand public health care coverage and lay the groundwork for years of spending increases from social services. >> the process isn't democratic. it's simply done by the democrats. and that's what we object to. >> most of the bills have been out in public for days. there are a few, the way it works, the last-minute negotiation, that have only recently become in print. if they want to come back tomorrow, we're happy to do that because i want to live by that. >> this is the first time a budget was passed before its deadline in nearly three decades. >> a suspect is dead and a brave worker is being credited with saving the lives of two sheriff's deputies in an armed robbery in castro valley. the sheriff's department said the deputies were conducting a traffic stop on castro valley boulevard around 10:00 last night. during the stop, a restaurant employee ran outside to tell the deputies boulevard burger was being robbed. the deputies rushed into the
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building and confronted the masked man they say was armed with a revolver. at that point, deputies say a suspect fired, but a worker intervened, grabbing the gunman's arm. one deputy was able to return fire, killing the suspect. >> they're very fortunate. this could have gone horribly wrong. they did have the knowledge that the deputies were right in front of the store, and that may have been part of their thought process to attack this robber. knowing that they were literally 20 to 30 seconds away. so that may -- but we do not recommend that people attack armed suspects. >> that employee was taken to the hospital with a burn from the revolver but is doing just fine this evening. initial reports said at least two people in the restaurant were shot, but the business was closed at the time of the robbery. >> u.p.s. drivers hit the picket line in san jose over what they're calling an unfair contact. they say the company makes billions of dollars every year
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yet wants employees to pay into medical insurance benefits for less coverage. they say they also want retirees to pay more into their benefits plans. they're encouraging employees to vote no on the current contract proposal. >> you know, there has to be better language to protect these guys, and they need to have more full-time jobs and they just need to protect their employees. they're the forefront, the force of this company. >> here's the other side of the coin. u.p.s. issued a statement saying it has made a contract offer with wage increases for its employees while protecting the company's competitive position. the new contract agreement has been endorsed by both the international brotherhood of ste teamsters and local 287 in the san jose area. >> police in san francisco are keeping a close eye on a vacant lot near hayes valley after clashes between police and protesters. police say protesters threw objects at officers and we're told two people were arrested.
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take a look at this video earlier in the week at hayes valley farm. some needed to be physically plucked from tree tops. activists have been camped out because the land is marked for the construction of a new apartment complex. the farm is located on laguna street. >> the person now know as naked bartman may soon be packing whatever clothes he owns and heading back to colombia. he got a lot of attention after attacking people in the buff. yeiner perez is an acrobat from colombia. immigration officials say he's not a u.s. citizen. his visa is expired so he may be deported. the d.a.'s office is still considering charges for perez, but federal immigration authorities were alerted when he was arrested. perez is now wearing a gps anklet and has to check in regularly while his deportation case moves forward. and coming up next at 5:00, hundreds of lights out on the bay bridge, and now we know why. the fix that's in store for bay
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bridge lights project. and we'll hear from one of brian stowe's doctors about why he had to leave the rehab center for home. plus, a lifetime of racing to help those in need, and now a bay area hero is facing his own battle after a personal tragedy. and we've been watching temperatures dropping around the bay area after near 90s yesterday. how about only close to 80 inland around fairfield, all areas cooling down big time from 24 hours ago and you can see the reason why. the fog is back with drizzle over san francisco. so will the cooling trend last? into father's day sunday? we'll have a look at that in the forecast when we come right back. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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four years, he's been the go-to guy whenever someone needs help at the scene of any major disaster from floods to fires to terrorist attacks, but tonight, he finds himself in need of a little park. men lopark's well known fire chief finds him sl in need of help. >> harold is no stranger to disasters. after 9/11, he led the california task force search and rescue team to the world trade center to search for victims. he responded to the oklahoma city bombing in 1995. and led swift water rescue efforts after hurricane katrina. but after he fell off a ladder in his san jose home last month, his latest challenge is much more personal. >> i was trimming bushes back
5:27 pm
there, working off a ladder, and the next thing i knew, i was on the ground in a pool of blood. >> the menlo park fire protection district chief broke his neck. he said he has some sensation in his legs and can use his right hand. he's now undergoing intense rehab. >> i hope to be back at work. it may not look the same, but i'm the same person, you know, mentally, and so in terms of contributing, i think i still have a lot i can contribute. >> his longtime friend and coworker tim campbell said if anyone can come back after a horrific injury, it's him. >> if you have ever met the man, you would know he's a hard charger. he's a very dynamic individual who, you know, has done so much in his own profession. >> he says during his career, he has been instrumental in hundreds of rescues, including saving this dog during flooding in uba city. through it all, he's taught his team to adapt and overcome. now, he's relying on his own
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advice. >> it's an adjustment. but you can't really focus, you know, the bigger part of toorment is the front wind cheeld. you don't spend a lot of time looking in the mirror. every day is about getting better for myself, for my family. >> we have a follow up now on the condition of injured giants fan brian stowe. earlier this week, we told you stowe had to leave a rehab center because his insurance would no longer pay the bill. today, we're hearing from the head of the bakersfield center where stowe was staying. he lost hiss built to walk, talk, and write after an attack outside dodgers stadium in 2011. they said he was regaining some of the skills at the facility. he said most insurance companies will cut off coverage for intense therapy every 30 to 90 days and he doesn't think it's right. >> it's tremendously unethical
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that we would knowingthy withhold effective treatment from people for money. you would never see a woman with breast cancer treated this way. you would never say, let your husband take care of your treatment. >> stowe is now staying at his parents home in santa cruz. >> a group of moms from peninsula took steps literally today to fight violence in their community. mothers and others opposing violence or move, organized its first ever anti-violence march through east palo alto today. they hope the march will bring attention to the high crime rate in the city and give people an opportunity to meet their neighbors, but organizers say fear is keeping people from speaking out and coming out for today's free march. >> people have a legitimate fear because of retaliation. there is a strong code of not snitching, and that's the barrier we need to break down. that's the thing we need to find out how to get to, to get past
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so people can come forward. >> organizers say they plan future community marches but no dates have been set yet. still to come at 5:00, lawmakers are speaking out about a very pricey incentive for the contractor who is responsible for the new span of the bay bridge. why they say it could compromise safety.


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